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  In order to truly achieve "for customer service, the user is responsible for customer satisfaction," the purpose, Song Ling electrical instrumentation for product quality, service to the user to make the following commitments:
  One, I guarantee that all aspects of the production will be in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality assurance system implementation, both in product design, manufacturing, product testing process will be and users, owners close contact, feedback-related information, and users and owners are always welcome to visit visit my company guidance.
  Second, focusing on projects supporting equipment and products to ensure delivery according to the contract, the need for technical services, will send staff to participate in professional and technical services and guidance unpacking inspection, installation, commissioning work until the normal operation of equipment.
  Third, to ensure to provide users with excellent pre-sale and after-sale service, pre-comprehensive introduction to the user product performance and use, and provide relevant information. Obliged to invite the demand side, when necessary for the parties involved in the technical design review.
  Fourth, according to user needs as the demand side, organizing the equipment installation, commissioning, use, maintenance technology business training. Track the quality of key users, user access, in a timely manner according to user needs, and continuously improve product performance, improve product quality.
  Five, equipment (products) to run twelve months warranty period, the warranty period quality problems by the responsible dinghai mold, and the product of "three guarantees" (repair, replacement or return).
  Six more than the "three guarantees" period of the product, to ensure the provision of maintenance parts and repair services according to user needs to do the work. For products, accessories and wearing parts to ex preferential treatment.
  Seven, reflecting the quality of the user receiving the information, within the two hours to respond or send service personnel arrived at the scene as soon as possible, so that the user is not satisfied, the service does not stop.
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