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     山猫直播_山猫直播主播located at chaoyang industrial Zone, Liushi,yueqing,Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China. Our company is the high-technology company integrated the design,development,production,sales with the service after sales.It specially manufactures the products such as the SVC(TND) single phase voltage stabilizer,TNS three phase voltage stabilizer,SBW and SBW-F power voltage regulator,power supply,MCB,AC Contactor and megentic starter,The company has passed the certiflcation of international.ISO9001、2000 quality mangement system. CE (Europe) Low voltage direct testing and EMC testing, CCC (China) domestic mandatory certification,Managing the company strictly and improving the product quality makes our company develops rapidly and the product quality keeps the leading position in domestio market.
     Our company main power supply products,such as SBW;SBW-F and DBW three phase four wire and single phase(DBW) contact adjustable automatic voltage compensation high power requlating power device,SVC(TND) Single phase full automatic voltage stabilizer.SVC(TNS) Three phase four wire full automatic voltage stabilizer.TSD Wall mounting single phase full automatic voltage stabilizer.AVR single phase relay type and traci control voltage stabilizer.JJW single Purifying AC voltage stabilizer and JSW Three Purifying AC voltage stabilizer.TDGC2、TDGC2J single phase contact regulator and TSGC2、TSGC2J three phase contact regulator,also we production difference dry transformer.our always insist on “leadtec”“ Quality and efficiency” company tenet。The use of advanced equipment In order to perfect the process and product quality diligently pursuing,Has production a variety of high-quality domestic、international market Have a good reputation of the power supply companies. Regulators and other products of the technical capabilities in the original conventional products based on the combined use of various devices, the actual production of various types of electrical equipment, specialized products to meet the changing needs of customers. Products are sold to all provinces, outside the city.also export international market such as Europe(such as Russia and Ukraine), South-Eastern Asia(such as Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand), Southern Asia(such as Bangladesh, Pakistan)middle east(such as Egypt, Iraq), Africa(such as Tanzania, Nigeria) and so on Countries and regions.
     "Innovation, development, cooperation, harmony" is the company's operating philosophy. Faced with the world's booming electrical cause of the zongming company will, as always, continue to offer customers a rigorous, high-quality, efficient products and services, warmly welcome your presence and guidance!

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